Generation Heroes – New Kickstarter Project

Scott Brodie is reviving his abandoned project, Generation Heroes, and is looking for your support on Kickstarter.

If you have never heard of Scott Brodie before – don’t worry, not too many have. This indie game designer is responsible for a few casual games , while working for, and getting experience from, the likes of Microsoft.

Brodie’s resume, presumably, does not get you excited for Generation Heroes; what should get you excited, however, is Generation Heroes’ resume. And let me tell you, for a game that just started its fund search, the resume looks great

Generation Heroes was a finalist at IndieCode 2011, and has been praised for its quick-playing, turn-based system, and inspirations from rogue-like and 4X strategy games.  In the advent of casual games, this seems like a great combination. What else would you need? What about the story, you ask?

It has a story as well. And the story seems just as interesting as the roots of the game. You start as a hero who ages with every click. As you travel through a procedurally generated world (the technology partially responsible for Minecraft’s success, and others’), you search for fame and glory and… someone to marry.  As your life ends, you continue your adventure as your child.  The decisions of your ancestors will determine how fit you are to survive in the generated world.

To be honest, before reading about the project on Kickstarter, I had no idea of who Scott Brodie, or what Generation Heroes is. Brodie seems to be experienced and assured enough, to try having his game crowdfunded; the game itself seems to be revolving around good design ideas and mechanics. Now, when I know more about the game and the developer itself, I think that this game can become something.

With so many projects failing on Kickstarter, even after meeting its goals, you are not always guaranteed you will get what you paid for. It is important to realize all the dangers that come with crowdfunding, and then make an educated decision.

Generation Heroes seems to have all the right qualities (experienced developer, right idea, timing) to become a successful title, so if you are interested in backing this project visit Generation Heroes’ official Kickstarter page.

Have you ever helped funding any projects on Kickstarter or others? Have any of them failed? Let us know!


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