Steam Summer Sale 2014 ends in 5 days.

Steam Summer Sale 2014

If you still didn’t get a chance to get your dream game from this year’s Summer Sale, you might be in for a treat, as the sale nears end.

Steam Summer Sale 2014 might be on its last stretch already, but that does not mean you will luck out on getting that one game you always wanted to play, but was too much for your wallet. Quite the opposite. Steam might be rolling out its biggest guns to the stage, to indulge all of us.

Today (6.25.14), some of the Steam deals include The Banner Saga (-75%), Batman: Arkham Origins (-75%), Bioshock Infinite (-75%), Tomb Raider (-75%), and Mirror’s Edge (-75%) among others.

Beside their daily sales, Steam offers Flash Sales, in which new deals appear every 8 hours.

But that’s not all. In Community Choice, Steam allows the community to vote every 8 hours for their favorite games to go on sale next.  If you really want to get this one game that never goes on sale, this is your best option. Steam will even give you Summer Adventure trading card every 3 votes

Steam is making numerous players happy this summer, so why don’t you join and be one of them?! Make these last 5 days of Summer Sale worth it and snatch a deal.

Let me know what kind of games are you waiting for to go on sale. Already done shopping? Share what kind of games did you get this summer!


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