Video game players get athletic scholarships to attend college.


If you ever dreamed of a day where playing video games would help advance your education and pay for college, look no further – the day has come.

It is not coming for everyone (no scholarships do), but if you live in Illinois, you might be in luck.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a Chicago-based university, Robert Morris University, will extend athletic scholarships to students who play League of Legends. A move that might redefine how we look at sport and athleticism.

Kurt Melcher, associate athletic director at Robert Morris University, thinks that it will be a great opportunity for students, as well as the University.

“It will add a level of experience that the students can engage in something outside of the classroom,” Melcher said. “We found that participating in something else, other than classroom, tend to graduate at a higher rate, so we’re providing an opportunity for students with a different ability set to get involved.”

Competitive video gaming – known as e-sports – have been around for several years, so it is not surprising to see that Robert Morris received hundreds of inquiries from prospective e-athletes just a week after the announcement.

There aren’t any schools, other than Robert Morris, offering scholarships for video gamers, but it is likely that more schools will follow, as they realize the value of, still underrated, e-sports.

What is your opinion on e-sports scholarships? Do you think it is the right move for schools and the students? What will be the reaction of ‘regular’ athletes to this program? Let us know!


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