WatchMePlay: One Finger Death Punch – Ode to Bruce Lee

How’s it going, good people! On this beautiful Sunday morning, I have another video from #WatchMePlay series.  This time I take a look at very addictive One Finger Death Punch.

If the title itself doesn’t convince you to pick up the game, the game design and control system surely will.

When you get fed up with all the AAA games available on the market, that try to get you spend a fortune using multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, One Finger Death Punch is a much appreciated refreshment.

Creators of the game set themselves one goal – make the game as simple, and as addictive, as possible. They have done it!  Controls consist only of Left and Right mouse buttons, and it is ultimately up to you to decide how complex the movements of your character get.

It is hard to describe the feeling of the game in writing, so you will have watch the video and see what this hype is all about!  If you have ever played and enjoyed Rock Band, or any other rhythmic game, you will feel right at home playing One Finger Death Punch.

I hope you will enjoy the video. What kind of games do you play when you take a break from BIG titles? Casual gaming is on the rise and I want to know what you think about it!


GTA V Gameplay – before we jump to next gens.

For quite a while now, both Microsoft and Sony, have been feeding us information about their newest additions to the console family – Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (both set for release come Christmas shopping time). By now, everyone interested has been able to see the consoles’ hardware – design and respective specifications, as well as some of the software coming along – user content and extra features coming with each console (as well as their limitations).

But we do not care about any of this, for we are gamers! This is why instead of worrying about the extra content, we focus on a game that developers may draw on from, as the new consoles roll out this fall.

Developers from Rockstar were always able to get our interest for their upcoming games. Start with small teasers, follow by perfectly timed trailers and gameplays, and work your way up with hot news until the game’s release. At this point, boys and girls from Rockstar are living legends, so it was not surprising to see the excitement following the announcement of the game

With the next (next) generation consoles on the horizon, the new chapter of GTA series gets us closer to what we, gamers, should be expecting from games on both, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – more visual fireworks, engaging game mechanics, and an open world to discover.

Keep an eye on:

1. Three different playable characters we can switch between in real time (let’s hope so!).

2. The amount of vehicles and activities available during off-mission time. Base jumping, diving, jet fighters, cycling, and tennis just to name a few.

3. Graphics may not be top shelf (mainly what we’ve been used to since GTA IV release), but the open world and its possibilities make our imagination work.

4. Heist mission briefings. We are finally able to have some influence over our team and the way we want to go about executing the mission.

5. Game mechanics itself. Shooting looks fluid and let us hope driving will feel more like driving and not attempting to navigate a ship.

With the new mode “GTA Online” announced, GTA V looks like one of the last must-have games for the 360′s and PS3′s, before they start collecting dust. Rockstar rarely leaves us disappointed and from what it looks like the new GTA will be a solid title worth its money. Tease away, Rockstar! We are waiting.