WatchMePlay: Rust – Surviving the First Day

Ever since being released on Steam Early Access, Rust has grown to have a very solid community supporting its development.

As a nod of acknowledgment and support for Rust, I made a #WatchMePlay video, showing how to survive your first day on Rust Island.  The reason I decided to start with a’survive-your-first-day’ type of video, was because I remember my first steps with the game; it was a process to figure out what works and what does not.  The video covers bare essentials of surviving and getting you set up for the next day.

As the game is being worked on, the developers are trying to make the game more accessible, and making sure that new players don’t struggle finding food or resources to keep them going.

Personally, the time where you start off just with a rock, a torch, and a couple of bandages is the most enjoyable part of the game, as I try to do everything possible to not starve to death and find a shelter to keep me safe.

Considering that the game is still in early alpha, Facepunch Studios are working on getting around all the bugs and implementing new features.  In one of their latest blog entries, authors wrote that they are currently working on an Item Editor, new User Interface, and introducing farming (yes, farming!) into the gameplay.

Rust has a long way before reaching its final state.  As new features pour in,  the game should have more balance and more ways to keep you entertained.

That is, only if you survive your first day.